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hi, welcome to Callacomp.co.uk and Callahan.co.uk

Hopefully this will eventually be the site for the Callahan Family.

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Media Center PC Software 

I first started off with the free version myHTPC, thisi is still working on one TV. I have now started to migrate ont Meedio their new commercial version, it now has over 200 plugins covering music, TV, weather, news and enail.
It's highly configurable within itself, and enhanced by some of the add-ins.
It allows you to view your digital photos, video and music in the comfort of your lving room on your TV. With the new range of LCD and plasma screens they are getting very good.
It is easy to operate even my kids (4 and 5 years) can operate it fairly easily. They love being able to select any video without now having to pull out the DVD or video, and for me it stops them getting scratched.
It really has made a hugh difference in our living room and will certaunly be the future of home entertainment. Try it now.

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